Travelling alone or accompanied?

When it comes to being in a couple and deciding to travel, it seems that many people cannot imagine travelling without their husband, wife or boyfriend. We seem to think that, because we are emotionally involved, there is a tacit agreement that we should travel and vacation together every year. But what happens when you don’t feel like committing yourself to the panorama that reveals your loved one simply because it seems boring? What if he doesn’t have a chance to take a vacation from his job at the same time as you? Do you stop traveling just because neither time nor interest is compatible? No. In a mature relationship, each person should be able to have his or her own space apart from their partner.

The closest example I have in mind is the fact that my boyfriend, with whom I have been living for almost a year, is currently on vacation with his friends in Peru. I, for my part, am in Chile, our native country, working while he has an incredible time. Even though I find it completely normal (I didn’t have the time and he had the desire and an incredible group of people to share with), there are many people who look at me strangely and ask me if everything is going well in the relationship. Many distrust what he is going to do in Peru (implicating that since I am not with him, he will proceed to be unfaithful in a thousand and one ways), but there are other temptations in the world such as barcelona escorts vip or even ex girlfriends, but I couldn’t care less.

Do we have so little confidence in our partners?

To get to the point and answer the question posed, I think it’s perfectly fine to travel alone if you’re in a relationship, but first it’s necessary to negotiate several details so that no one feels left behind. For example: Do you feel comfortable with the decision or feel carried away? Is it true that you also wanted to go and she/he refuses to invite you, or do they both prefer that I go alone or with friends this time? How much will they talk every day? Will it be necessary to speak at several hours?

The key here is to get organized and understand that the other person will be having an incredible time, and not feel bad about the fact that they can have a great time without you. There is nothing wrong with that, it doesn’t mean that I love you less and, on many occasions, it gives both sides the opportunity to reaffirm the love and trust they have. Also, missing your partner does make things much more interesting when he or she comes back.

Trust is crucial in a couple

Needless to say, for this to work there has to be a lot of trust on both sides. If you think that your boyfriend or girlfriend is going on a trip because he can’t stand you and that he will most likely have an affair while he is in the country he chose to visit, well, bad news: you won’t survive the fact that he is so many days away. But if you have a mature and consolidated relationship where two adults understand that they are a complement and do not need to go everywhere together as if they were twins to reaffirm their love, then I recommend it.

It’s a particularly good idea if you live with your partner, because monotony can wreak havoc and being home alone for a few days (and dedicate yourself to seeing your friends or doing all those things you haven’t been able to do) can really change your perspective of things.